The Should-Be Solution to the Student-Debt Problem

Source: www.nytimes.com
Author: Tara Siegal Bernard

With more than 7.5 million student loan borrowers in default and nearly 2 million others seriously behind on their payments, there’s little question that the handful of federal...

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Just When You Thought Having Student Loan Debt Couldn't Get Any Worse

The average student graduates with about 35k or more in student loans. What's often missed or not often discussed is how much credit card debt they accumulate on top of their student loan debt. 

Being a student on an extremely limited budget...

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The Scary Truth About Student Loan Debt

STUDENT LOANS, the two scariest words affecting the daily lives of 45 million Americans. Over the past decade, college tuition prices have steadily increased & so has student loan debt. What’s even scarier, are the stats. We’ve put together a...

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The Effects Student Debt Can Have On Your Mental Health

Stress is caused by varying factors including physical, biological & environmental factors. When it comes to money, psychologists agree that personal finance is a major contributing factor that can lead to stress, depression & anxiety....

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Manage Student Loans Like a Pro

Knowing the negative outcomes of not taking care of your student loans is the best way to avoid any problems. Make sure you follow these guidelines to ensure your student loan debt only helps – not hurts.

Only borrow what you need.

It might be...

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Helpful Tips To Use When #StudentLoanBroke

Getting your student loans back on track is one of the most important steps to achieving financial freedom. However, during this time you also have to juggle managing your finances, because L I F E. Who says you can’t do both & be balling on a...

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Defaulted Student Loans & You

Regardless of the type of loan you have, all student loans represent money that has been lent to you & affect your credit. Just one missed payment could send your credit score on a downward spiral.

Missed payments

The last thing you want to do...

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