Is Your Stimulus Check Wrong Or Missing?

by Kayc

Posted on 04/21/2020

Still haven't received your stimulus check or did they send you the wrong amount? You're not alone. Millions of Americans are reporting they received the wrong amount, or that they never received any payment at all. The IRS has set up the Get My Payment tool to help get your payment status, the date you can expect to receive your stimulus check or the date it was deposited. You can also use this tool to provide new direct deposit information to the IRS.

For many, the Get My Payment tool has caused frustration and even more confusion as to the status of their stimulus payment. If you entered your information & received a response that there is a problem with your payment, it could be due to the following reasons:

"Payment Status Not Available"
Those who haven't filed a tax return, Social Security and SSI recipients, veterans, and recently used the IRS's non-filer tool to file a simple tax return will see this message. You may also see this message if you HAVE filed 2018/2019 tax returns, owed & have yet to update your direct deposit information. Keep in mind, the IRS has stated not all data collected has been loaded into the tool yet. If you recently updated your bank info, filed taxes, or made a non-filer claim, it may take some time before you see a change in status. Unfortunately, others are seeing "payment status not available" because they are not eligible to receive payment. 

Bank Account Issues
If a payment has been deposited, the tool will provide the last four digits of the account in which the payment was received. What if the account has been closed? The money will be returned to the IRS & a paper check will be issued instead. Since the payment has already been processed, the IRS tool will not allow you to update your banking information. If the last four of the account number match your current bank info, sit tight. Your bank is still processing the payment. You could try to contact your bank over the phone, but chances are you will spend most of your day on hold waiting for someone. 

Less Or More Than Expected?
Most stimulus payments were based on 2018 tax returns. Leaving those who qualified in 2019, with less payment or none at all. How will the IRS make up for this? In 2021, you'll have another opportunity to claim the stimulus money you didn't receive. You’ll either owe less for the 2020 tax year or you'll get a larger refund on your federal tax return in April 2021. Families who did not receive payment for a child claimed in 2019(that was not claimed in 2018) will also have a chance to claim the unpaid amount in 2021. Sooner, if the IRS resolves these issues many are faced with. Those who were overpaid for a dependant who was 17 & under in 2018, but turned 18 in 2019, may want to keep that extra payment in their savings. The same goes for those who were not eligible in 2019 but still received their stimulus payment. As of right now, it is not clear if & when they may collect payments made in error.

The IRS has begun to send mailers with payment status & soon will be sending out paper checks for those who do not have direct deposit set up. These notices may also include information on how to correct any issues you have come across with your stimulus payment. We know this can all be extremely frustrating. Especially during this time when many Americans are left without jobs, the ability to buy essentials, bills have fallen behind, & our economy continues to plummet. We will continue to keep you informed & provide updates as we receive them. We assure you, there is light at the end of this tunnel & together we will get through this stronger than ever.