Just When You Thought Having Student Loan Debt Couldn't Get Any Worse

by Kayc

Posted on 10/14/2019


The average student graduates with about 35k or more in student loans. What's often missed or not often discussed is how much credit card debt they accumulate on top of their student loan debt. 

Being a student on an extremely limited budget is no easy task. Especially when you factor in low wages, high living costs, & the day to day basic needs just to get by. Unfortunately, this is the ideal consumer situation for a finance company to step in & dangle their shiny plastic money in front of you. 

It's unfair how much of a disadvantage graduates have at starting their lives after dedicating so much time to securing an education in hopes of a better future. The great news is that for every debt problem there IS a solution. 

Square One Financial Group is dedicated to helping consumers take charge of their credit & unsecured debt. They continuously educate clients on maintaining healthy spending habits, budgeting for their future goals, & remaining debt free. 

Through their many programs, you can be sure to benefit from:

  • Reducing your overall unsecured debt (including private loans)

  • Arranging a program with available terms of 24 – 48 months

  • Resolving unsecured debt as an alternative to Bankruptcy, Debt Consolidation or Credit Counseling.

  • Get assistance with collection calls

  • Drastically reducing monthly debt payments

  • Huge savings when compared with making minimum payments

  • Out of debt much faster than when making minimum payments

  • One low monthly payment to cover unsecured debt

  • No Fees Until Negotiators Settle Your Debt

Choosing the right option is dependent on which is best suited for your current situation. No matter what your credit score may be, there is a solution for everyone. Call Square One Financial Group to speak with a Certified Debt Consultant today. (866) 611-6838