The Effects Student Debt Can Have On Your Mental Health

by Kayc

Posted on 03/14/2019


Stress is caused by varying factors including physical, biological & environmental factors. When it comes to money, psychologists agree that personal finance is a major contributing factor that can lead to stress, depression & anxiety. From insomnia to physical symptoms to social isolation, student loan induced stress is threatening to take over the lives of borrowers.

Insomnia isn’t just frustrating, it can damage your health.

insomnia can lead to a lower quality of life, including poor job performance, increased risk of certain diseases, and even mental health disorders.

People are experiencing physical symptoms from their stress.
More than 67 percent of borrowers reported having physical symptoms of anxiety due to the stress from their student loan debt. These symptoms include headaches, muscle tension, and upset stomach. Other symptoms reported by borrowers include rapid heartbeat, tremors, fatigue, and shortness of breath.

Some isolate themselves because of their student debt.
More than 74 percent of respondents reported shutting other people out of their lives often due to their student loan debt stress. Sometimes isolation is easier than being vulnerable about what we’re going through.

Financial stress can affect the family as well.

Parents, grandparents, & family members tied to student loans are postponing retirement and taking on additional debt to help put their children through school or pay off loans.

Having debt doesn’t mean you should have to suffer alone.

More than 43 million Americans carry a total of $1.3 trillion in student loan debt. A figure that’s more than double the country’s annual military budget.


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